Hope everyone had a great start to their semester!

**We have weekly meetings Monday night at 8 pm in Holden Hall room 4.***

You can find us on Facebook by searching for Secular Student Society at Texas Tech.

Come for a special meeting this Monday 10/03:

We will be hosting Andreas Schneider, an Associate Professor in the Sociology department for a lecture entitled “Runner’s High and Religion”. It is sure to be a great meeting!

*** For new or inquiring members***:

Feel free to come by during our meetings, and friend us on Facebook!

Summer Break

Summer Break/School is on. There aren’t any meetings however we do hang out periodically. See our facebook page for updates or feel free to befriend an officer on facebook to keep up with Summer activities as they usually aren’t scheduled until a few days before each event.

Fuzzy Friday

We shall gather at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop tomorrow (Friday) night as usual. If you haven’t made it yet, it’s a great place to hang out with your fellow heathens, enjoy a cold beverage and solve the mysteries of the human experience…although I suspect this week will include bickering over health care while denouncing partisan politics. I hope to see everyone there-7:30ish at 2012 Broadway.

Want free dinner? It’s on Ray Comfort!

Ray Comfort wants to treat you to a free meal at Red Lobster. How nice, right? He may have ulterior motives and may put you on a mailing list for Livingwaters but I always love reading the Christian propaganda that I come across. And as for the ulterior motives, who cares really? That’s my take and it doesn’t represent the organization. But I just wanted to let everyone know!

Meeting Monday

This week we thought we would repeat something that went over pretty well last semester and have a “suggestion meeting”. Do you have a secular book or author you would like recommend to everyone else? A website or blog that you think the rest of us should check out? That’s the idea for the suggestion meeting. Holden Hall #4 ,8:00 PM. I hope to see everyone there!

Fuzzy Friday

Looks like we are going to get together at Fuzzy’s again this Friday @ 7:30. Its a great place to hang out and meet your fellow members, chat/argue, or just have a couple beers (or sodas).  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is at 2102 Broadway, just down the street from campus.